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There has been a recent trend within the printed world of evangelicalism. Several faithful pastors have written about the apparent complacency within the Christian church. Francis Chan’s Crazy Love and David Platt’s Radical could be considered the two primary works written addressing this issue. I believe both of these books are extremely helpful but both do lack certain important traits. However, Owen Strachan’s new book Risky Gospel is not just another book added to the discussion. Strachan’s book is actually the best of both placed into one volume. Risky Gospel goes deeper than Crazy Love and it appears to present a more balanced view of faithful gospel living than some have critiqued Radical to have presented.

“God doesn’t save us to coddle us. He doesn’t give the gift of his beloved son so we can hide away, safe and secure from a sinful world and all its challenges, like the wicked servant. God makes us his own so he can unleash us to be vessels of mercy. He saves you, my friend, to make you a comet in the sky, a vessel of righteousness, a citizen of the kingdom, a priest to God, a faithful and fearless worker in his vineyard” (29).

One of the great benefits of this book is that it by no means speaks only to the missionary or the one pursuing vocational ministry. This book is written for the house-wife, the construction worker, etc. The average Christian will read this book and come away recognizing that they are not average. There is a glorious gospel that has implications that can be lived out regardless of your station in life. It encourages all saints while not encouraging them to life outside of the realm in which God has placed them. The housewife will come away wanting to life a more risky life for Jesus in her home. The truck driver will come away encouraged to living out a more risky gospel in his job. Again, this speaks to all Christians where God has them; it does not call for them to leave their current station in life in order to follow Jesus more faithfully. It does however, call them to a consider, with sober-mindedness, how to live a deeper Christianity where they are, whether that be to abandon all for the mission field or to disciple their children more faithfully and wash their wives more faithfully in the Word.

There is such a desperate need for the church to present before the watching world biblical Christianity. For too long the old and weak ambassador for Christianity has been a traditionalism that has no power. If there is going to be a resurgence in Christian living and witness, it will not first be fought on the battle grounds of the public square. It will not be fought in our schools, courtrooms, or even primarily in the mission field. If there is to be a “Battle of Normandy” fought for the revival of Christianity, the beaches will be stormed on the shores of our own hearts and victory will come with us embracing a risk taking, grace-filled gospel.

You can learn more about Owen Strachan by clicking on his photo below. Owen Strachan is the Director of the Counsel On Biblical Manhood And Womanhood. If you would like to learn more about that ministry please click on their icon below Owen Strachan’s photo.

Owen Strachan

The Counsel For Biblical Manhood And Womanhood

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