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My Final Appeal Before The Election

Ethnic Reconciliation will never happen in the church unless the church begins to take a deeper look at systemic racism and how she has been culpable. This election cycle, in my opinion, has demonstrated how vast the chasm is between black and white Christians. One group, even if it is willing to acknowledge Trump’s racism, […]

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The Evangelical Gospel & The African American’s Battle to Believe

As a Biblical Counselor, I daily tell Christians to fight to believe the Gospel. In the midst of suffering, discouragement, and spiritual warfare I am to encourage the people of God to Believe and walk in the reality of the Gospel. For African American Christians, the fight to believe the Gospel comes with a unique […]

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Part 2 – Debate: A Rose Covered in Ashes

Part 2 – Debate: A Rose Covered in Ashes Throughout the ages, debate has always been considered an art. The art of “rhetoric” is what it has been called. Some of the most famous characters of church history were trained in this art and their abilities of debate emanate from their writings. The apostle Paul, […]

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