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Racism, America’s Open Wound

The American church (and society) has yet to have a real and honest discussion concerning racism. For one group, there is a tremendous amount of pain. For the other group, there is a tremendous amount of shame and embarrassment. If the American church (and society) doesn’t have a real and honest conversation about racism, it […]

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A Call For Unity In The Face of Supremacy

Dear precious people of color. I understand the anger, and I understand the pain. I understand the rage that rises as you now witness all the justifications for what has happened that are clearly attempts to cover up the reality of white supremacy. As a friend, a family member, and minister of the Gospel; I […]

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Why Can’t I Mourn?

I will remember 11/9/2016 for the rest of my life. It was the day that many of my white Christian friends, and much of evangelicalism, told me I couldn’t mourn. It was the day I was told, once again, to pick a side. It was the day I was told to either weep for the […]

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