Racial Indifference and The Offense of Capitalizing On Black Pre-Born Death

Can I be dangerously honest for a moment? Can I speak as a pro-lifer to other pro-lifers?

I’m confident that one of the most ethnically offensive things most minorities hear from the majority culture is related to the pro-life movement which I am a part of. It is when white people, typically Republicans, try to use the statistics of black abortions to try and justify the pro-life position of Republicanism, all while at the same time demonize the Democrat party. To the African American, It is often deeply offensive for the following reasons.

1. It is typically these same people who have been completely silent or indifferent concerning racialized injustice towards minorities.

2. They are typically the same people who are antagonistic towards the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

3. Though pro-life, they are typically the same people who hold to other policies that harm or devastate the black family.

4. It demonstrates, even if unintentionally, that the life of black pre-born babies is a political point rather than a burden fueled by compassion.

If you have been silent concerning minority struggles and indifferent to racialized Injustice, you have no right to use black abortion statistics to justify your cause. You will not convince minorities to join you in your cause. They will consider you a person who is seeking to capitalize on black death not because you truly care about black lives and the black family, but for your own agenda. It will send them flying in the opposite direction. If you want to appeal to minorities concerning your pro-life convictions, it HAS TO BE from a posture of someone who is an advocate for black lives when its convenient (stats aide the pro-life cause) and when it is personally costly (speaking on ethnic reconciliation and racialized Injustice). Otherwise, pro-life seems to many minorities to be a policy position that truly refers only to life before the baby has a color, when it can serve a certain political agenda. Quoting black abortion statistics while not engaging in black issues of oppression and marginalization makes the pro-life conviction appear more like an extension of white supremacy than an expression of genuine love. I have led a decent amount of #BlackLivesMatter protestors to become passionate pro-life advocates through informing them of the true history of Planned Parenthood and how it targets black and minority pre-born children. I have been able to convince many that the pro-life cause is a part of the #BlackLivesMatter cause. The difference is, I’ve been able to make that connection because these same people have seen the cost and loss I have had to endure in order to stand for black lives in every aspect, not just before they are born. They have seen me stand for black lives in the womb, in the justice system, and even regarding places of  worship.

As the March For Life takes place right now, which I stand behind 100%, let it be a moment of deeper soul searching for you. Is your credibility to march as pro-life hindered by your indifference in other areas related to life, specifically black lives? Let your pro-life convictions be the overflow of a love that is passionate about all life and encompasses the Imago Dei in all people through all of its precious stages.

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