Archive | February, 2017

Why Ethnic Reconciliation?

Normally, I write articles from the comfort of my study. today is a little different. I’ve been out and about all day and as I’ve been traveling, I have had a thought come to me that I don’t think I have ever actually addressed here on my page. So, here I am with a few […]

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Laughter: Medicine For The Marginalized

Black people joke about racialization a lot. If you don’t believe me just check out our most popular comedians. Hardly a moment goes by where they aren’t telling a racialized joke that leaves us grasping our stomachs in agonizing laughter. It’s not just in stand-up comedy, however. Over the past year, my Facebook messenger and […]

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“Wokeness” Is Not The Answer, Love is

Within the movement for Ethnic Reconciliation in the Church, a new vocabulary has been developed. I won’t seek to define the word “woke” in this article but will instead seek to share some thoughts concerning the dangers of embracing it wholesale. Unfortunately, the church hasn’t treated ethnicity reconciliation as an issue of love and Gospel. […]

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