Reflections on Kavanuagh

Topic: Abuse of Power
  1. The moment Kavanaugh chose to publicly call out Democrat’s for a conspiracy, he disqualified himself from SCOTUS. Even if true, the partiality he spoke with disqualifies him from the court. I’m sure other Justices facepalmed at that.
  2. There is no way he can be voted in without a further investigation. I do believe the Democrats intentionally withheld info for their own purposes, and it worked. Regardless of motive we are where we are. The credibility of the court & Senate requires further investigation.
  3. There are significant gaps in Dr. Ford’s story. How did she get to the party? How did she get home? When was it?
    Some of these can be answered w/ deeper investigation, others can’t. Lack of answers doesn’t mean she is not telling the truth. Trauma causes selective memory. Story still credible.
  4. Putting assault aside, Kavanaugh has reason to be angry. His wife & family has been receiving death threats. B4 this all happened, Democrats were already calling him evil. He also might believe he’s innocent, drunken memory lapse. It’s petty to interpret anger as angry rapist.
  5. With that said, his expression of anger was likely triggering for many survivors and it was a bad move to make. It seemed forced, S if Trump gave him his playbook. Problem is, displaying that kind of uncontrolled anger in demeanor is disqualifying for such a high court office.
  6. As I have said before, I’ve been angry. I have had people, even Christians, even Christian pastors publicly slander me and even attack my wife & family. But, as a Christian minister AND as a black man; I must have the maturity & self-control that keeps my anger in check.
  7. A Supreme Court Justice must have that same level of self-control. You can not have a life-time appointment to a position that literally decides the laws of the land and not be able to control your emotions, especially anger and rage. His testimony disqualified him.
  8. It sucks when you see your name being drug through the mud and the impact it has on your family. I know this feeling personally. Assault allegation aside, I feel for Kavanaugh and his family for how vitriolic Dems have been even before this news broke. But he lost control.
  9. Christians do not belong to this world. We are sojourners in the City of Man and this government is only ours on a secondary level. Therefore, we must avoid succumbing to the world’s frenzies on either side. We must weigh issues according to Imago Dei, not political expediency. Sexual Assualt is serious, wicked, and greivous.
  10. Christians who dismiss Dr. Fords claim b/c they want a conservative justice are compromising the integrity of their Kingdom citizenship & gospel witness. They are also hurting many sisters who have been victims of sexual assault. We must be ruled by a Kingdom Ethic of love.
  11. It is also unwise to speak of Kavanaugh in a way that assumes omniscience and the authority of being his judge. Especially if that judgment includes dehumanizing him. In other words, I believe Dr. Ford but Kavanaugh is made in the image of God too & has a precious soul.
  12. Finally, I pray for Kavanaugh’s family. I pray for his wife and children, and for him as well. I pray for Dr. Ford and I pray for her family. Regardless of where you fall in who you believe; don’t neglect praying for the innocent who are impacted by other people’s actions.