Twitter Notes: Israel & God’s Land Promise

By: Kyle J. Howard Topic: Biblical Theology

God WILL fulfill his land promises to Israel, he will do so through giving them not a city or a country, but a New Earth. God promised Abraham that thru him all the nations would be blessed. New Covenant, the Nations become Israel thru Christ & inherit a New Earth free of curse.

The Fulfillment of God’s Covenantal promise of “land” for Israel is not fulfilled thru a tiny plot of Land. It is fulfilled thru the inheritance of a whole NEW EARTH for all Abraham’s Children by Faith. Ingathering of ethnic Jews is diff issue than Land fulfillment in eschaton.

Israel thought they were getting a King, They got the Son of God incarnate. Israel Thought they’d be delivered from their enemies, they received forgiveness of sins & deliverance from the Evil one. God fulfills promises in excess. No, not a country, he is giving Israel a planet.

The OT-NT tension regarding Ethnicity & Land is crucial. We are “One New Man” in Christ & all people regardless of tribe or nation who have Faith are divinely adopted into a family (Israel); A beautifully unified & yet diverse family who will all dwell in unity on a New Earth.

Ethnic Israel (Jews) were 1st ethnic group whom God adopted from. They have a unique & special place within the history of redemption & are the people group thru who the greater promises flow. God’ll bring ethnic Jews to himself so they may exp their promised land (New Earth).

When a world power built on a form of religious (& white) nationalism has a truncated biblical theology that considers the nation of Israel to be heir to the divine promises rather than the ethnic group; best believe they will use their power to advance Israeli political agendas.

When this nation, and the church within it which has embraced the same forms of nationalism will see anyone in opposition to the nation of Israel as an an enemy of God & not just a political or ideological enemy. Ethics go out window & the death of Israel’s enemies becomes a Crusade.

The nation of Israel, as a democratic body within the Middle East, CAN BE crucial for peace in that region. They are crucial to peace to the degree that they represent peace and remain a refuge & haven in the region. The nation of Israel can be a political ally, but it is not a religious one.

American Christians must maintain a distinction and avoid seeing potential global political allies as religious allies. Making religious allies out of political allies will lead to a bias morality that will excuse lovelessness and justify evil. American Christians must recognize that they are sojourners on a fallen Earth and the nations of this Earth rage against one another. Christians are to be peacemakers and that includes peace with Palestinians and Jews. If we do not make our alliances and allegiances clear to Palestine and the world, our faith will be perceived as nothing more than a tool for power and political expediency.

Kyle J. Howard currently serves the church as a trauma informed soul care provider. Though his Soul Care ministry is comprehensive, he his primarily focused on counseling, teaching, and raising awareness about Spiritual abuse/trauma as well as racial trauma. Kyle holds an Associates in Biblical & Theological studies, a Bachelors in Christian Counseling, and is receiving his M.A in Historical Theology in a few weeks.