Unity for Christ’s Glory: A Summary of Philippians

By: Kyle J. Howard Topic: Love Scripture: Philippians

On Sunday, January 13th, I preached at South Dallas Community Church. After spending several days as their guest leading discussions on ethnic harmany and reconciliation, I concluded my time there preaching through the book of Philippians. My goal was to lay out several principles for the church regarding Christian unity. I began by reading through the entire book of Philippians and then shared key principles from each chapter concerning unity. If you would like to skip the reading, the sermon begins at the 12:13 mark.

Philippians 1 – LOVE is goal. Fueled by knowledge which leads to discernment.

Philippians 2 – Christlike Humility is the soil unity needs to grow.

Philippians 3: Walk in God’s Righteousness, not the world’s.

Philippians 4: Reconcile, worship together, & practice Christlike thoughtfulness.

Kyle J. Howard currently serves the church as a trauma informed soul care provider. Though his Soul Care ministry is comprehensive, he his primarily focused on counseling, teaching, and raising awareness about Spiritual abuse/trauma as well as racial trauma. Kyle holds an Associates in Biblical & Theological studies, a Bachelors in Christian Counseling, and is receiving his M.A in Historical Theology in a few weeks.