Motives & Purpose for Beginning This Blog

Grace and peace to you, Brother or Sister in Christ. There are literally millions of blogs out in cyberspace now and I count it a privilege to be able to impart any thoughts here that the Lord may use for your edification and for the Church in general.

Whenever someone, especially a Christian, decides to begin writing a blog, I believe it is very important for him to first analyze his motives. When I first discovered “blogging” as a new medium of sharing and exchanging ideas, I became interested in observing how the church would use this medium for not only the edification of her members but also in her attempt to communicate the Gospel in the public square. I have been truly blessed by many of the blogs that I have found. However, at times, I have also been very saddened by many other blogs in which professing Christians participated in lovelessness in various forms. One of the great dangers of new media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogging is that, as mediums, their target audiences are those who seek instant gratification in dialogue rather than long in depth conversations. Facebook and Twitter are designed for those who desire quick updates on the events that are taking place in peoples lives. In many cases, Facebook and Twitter are substitutes for letters and phone calls and because of this, Christians can fall into the trap of taking relationships for granted.

Blogging, on the other hand, has a somewhat different danger. It potentially gives a public voice to anyone who desires one whether or not he is qualified to speak on whatever subject he addresses. For Christians, the danger here is extreme. When any Christian, regardless of his spiritual maturity, wisdom, and knowledge can become a public ambassador for the Christian church and speak on her behalf, there must be great discernment. I do not take the responsibility of writing this blog lightly.

As I analyze my motives for choosing to begin a blog, I must be careful of a few things. First, I must be a careful steward of my time. My priorities in loving my wife and discipling my children must be given their proper time and place. Also, my service to my local church takes precedence over any broader ministerial endeavor. Though he may, I cannot expect the Lord to bless any work of ministry that I do if in order to accomplish it I step outside of God’s will for me in my home and local church. Also, I must guard myself against pride. There can be pride in assuming that I have anything of value to contribute to the church. Guarding against the assumption that what I write is valuable to anyone guards me against resentment if no one reads my posts and self-praise if some do and leave comments.

My motives for writing this blog are for my own personal edification as well as the edification of the church. I pray that I am able to serve my fellow believers in some way as I write regarding the things the Lord puts on my heart to write. I do not desire to get into unfruitful debates. I welcome criticism as long as it is done in love. I would also encourage anyone who posts criticisms to search their own hearts to make sure that they are in the same teachable frame that they desire from me.

The primary function of this blog will be somewhat of a public journal in biblical spirituality. I love the doctrines of grace but I have witnessed within reformed circles, especially in the blogosphere, that there are many blogs that focus on simply theological concepts and debate without much reference to the very reason of why reformed theology is so grand. Any theology or discussion of theology that doesn’t assist in the individual growing closer to God is pointless. Another way to say it would be that there can not be helpful theological discussion divorced from exuberant doxology. The primary function of this blog will be to discuss theology as it relates to doxology and personal growth in godliness. As the months go by, I will attempt to somewhat document my life as well as my family’s life as we grow in this endeavor. I will hopefully write frequent book reviews as well as discuss various saints in church history from this same perspective. Another element of this blog will be to assist any who read it in developing a greater Christian worldview. As we grow in our understanding of God I will also layout fundamental principles regarding the Christian worldview and how to have an all encompassing one rather than having a worldview that separates the secular from the sacred or our role in the church from our role in the rest of the world. Of course, developing a Christian Worldview is a practice that we both must grow in and neither have mastered. I look forward to growing in this area with you. Brothers and sisters, I count it a joy and a privilege that you have read my posts and I welcome all comments that are edifying. I pray we are both challenged and changed by this journey we will hopefully take into the doctrines of grace and how they relate to our growth in godliness and our knowledge of the One who has saved us!

Coram Deo

kyle Howard

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