Why Ethnic Reconciliation?

Normally, I write articles from the comfort of my study. today is a little different. I’ve been out and about all day and as I’ve been traveling, I have had a thought come to me that I don’t think I have ever actually addressed here on my page. So, here I am with a few […]

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Laughter: Medicine For The Marginalized

Black people joke about racialization a lot. If you don’t believe me just check out our most popular comedians. Hardly a moment goes by where they aren’t telling a racialized joke that leaves us grasping our stomachs in agonizing laughter. It’s not just in stand-up comedy, however. Over the past year, my Facebook messenger and […]

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“Wokeness” Is Not The Answer, Love is

Within the movement for Ethnic Reconciliation in the Church, a new vocabulary has been developed. I won’t seek to define the word “woke” in this article but will instead seek to share some thoughts concerning the dangers of embracing it wholesale. Unfortunately, the church hasn’t treated ethnicity reconciliation as an issue of love and Gospel. […]

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Activism, According to The Gospel

I do not consider myself an activist; I am simply a Christian who is striving to abound in love. As a Christian, my primary priorities are different than that of the activist though we often walk side by side on the same path. As a Christian, I am chiefly concerned with helping fellow Christians grow […]

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Racial Indifference and The Offense of Capitalizing On Black Pre-Born Death

Can I be dangerously honest for a moment? Can I speak as a pro-lifer to other pro-lifers? I’m confident that one of the most ethnically offensive things most minorities hear from the majority culture is related to the pro-life movement which I am a part of. It is when white people, typically Republicans, try to […]

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Depression, Joy, and the Hope of God (Series)

Depression, Joy, and the Hope of God – Part 1 Join me today in the first of several episodes dealing with severe depression. In today’s episode, I take a look at the life of Elijah and how the Lord spoke to him in the midst of his severe depression in which he longed to die.   […]

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The Dangers of Demanding A Pace

We all have ambitions. Dreams, desires, and goals that we are marching towards in this life. Some, due to circumstances may have to walk towards these goals. Some, will have the opportunity to run after them. We often place our eyes on the prize which is the fulfillment of our desires and goals. We often […]

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A Kingdom Has Been Inaugurated

Today’s Inauguration represents much more than a president-elect taking vows to become the next president. Today marks the Inauguration of a new America. For many people of color, America first shined with greatness the day a man of color took the same oath 8 years ago. That moment, for many, represented a decisive change in […]

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Black and Enchained: Unity and The Chains of Evangelical Republicanism

I am often told by those who belong to the majority culture, that it is ethnic idolatry to consider myself an African-American Christian rather than just a Christian. Supposedly, the gospel eradicates or is at least supposed to render ethnic identity inconsequential. I often wonder whether or not this same principle or rule applies to […]

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The Power to Love

I felt like I lost my power to love last year. If love was a bank, my account felt like it became overdraft on November 9th. Betrayal, slander, misrepresentation, Christian indifference, white supremacy, racism, bigotry, condescension, belittlement, ungracious accusations, and people judging my motives wiped my love account clean, or so it seemed. To be […]

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