White Privilege and the Mission of God

I’ve received so many inquiries from white pastor friends concerning how they should speak to their mono-ethnic churches tomorrow and onward in light of recent events. Sorry to post another long message but I want to share some quick thoughts publicly; White pastor, You must teach your people about the reality of white privilege. They […]

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I’m Tired…

Can I be honest… And even vulnerable for a second. This past week has been some of the hardest days I have ever had in my life regarding ethnic struggles. The events over the past 48 hours were more the overflow of much deeper struggles, but the overflow has been way more severe than I […]

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A Challenging Week in July

So, I’ve been off social media for a week and it looks like I’ve already missed a lot. From Lecrae to Hillary to ‪#‎AltonSterling‬. I have a few quick thoughts… -I am grateful that this world is not my home -I am grateful to be a part of a church that is pursuing ethnic reconciliation and […]

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Counting The Cost: Speaking on Racial Reconciliation

I hate controversy. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say I would rather be incapacitated with a month long flu than to enter into a controversy. This may be an over-exaggeration in the general sense, but when it comes to the controversies surrounding ethnic unity, I promise you its true. I will never […]

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The Battle for Joy and the Beauty of Finishing Well

Unwavering Joy and the Beauty of Finishing Well Joy does not come easy. In fact, you don’t have to live too long before you begin to realize that many times it is an outcome of a battle. I was twelve years old when I first learned this truth. A boy, not yet a man, when […]

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Part 3: Should We Let The Mud Fly?

Should We Let The Mud Fly? Debates, Insults, And The Glory of God Your blood begins racing, and you are certain your heart is beating twice as fast is it normally does. How could this of happened? You started a discussion with someone, and you assumed that they would see things the way you do. […]

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Part 2 – Debate: A Rose Covered in Ashes

  Part 2 – Debate: A Rose Covered in Ashes Throughout the ages, debate has always been considered an art. The art of “rhetoric” is what it has been called. Some of the most famous characters of church history were trained in this art and their abilities of debate emanate from their writings. The apostle […]

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Genesis and the Ushering in of Righteous & Unrighteous Violence

Genesis and the Ushering in of Righteous & Unrighteous Violence:           A Biblical Theology of Violence and How Christians Should Interact With It   It was in the glorious Garden of Eden that God placed humanity in its first days. The Garden was a place, not only of beauty, but also […]

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Should Christians Debate?

Shall We Debate?

I hated denominations… In fact, I hated anything that appeared to be divisive within the church. denominations, theological debate, and especially the lack of ethnic diversity I saw in the church, I hated it all. I was a new believer and the question that racked my mind more than any other was, “If the church […]

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An Urgent Plea To My White Brothers In Christ

I have been watching and reading about the racial tensions taking place in this country for a long time now. In Biblical wisdom, I have sought to remain publicly silent on the issue for awhile and to just observe the dialogues taking place. After several months if not a few years of observation, here are […]

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